Tuesday, 20 November 2012

The Met

Designed by the Singaporean architect WOHA and located in Bangkok, Thailand. 

The Met at Bangkok Thailand
Bangkok is a typical Asian city where chaos reigns supreme above all else. At first glance, one will find everything to be in total disorder without any conceivable master planning. Ironically it is this chaotic phenomenon that differentiates Asian cities from the West. Modernism is the creation of the West and was imposed upon Asian cities regardless of the local culture and climate. As a result we see substantial amount of modern skyscrapers that were designed in the comfort of the studio without full understanding of the context of the site. 

The Met however takes into consideration the tropical climate to design a high rise residential building that not only will add to the architectural asset of the city but also provide comfort to the inhabitants. The rectilinear block is punched with multiple openings to provide ventilation and lighting at intervals in order for the communal sky courts to work better. This insertion of voids in the solid box has made the single tower looks as if it is consists of 3 separate towers link together with bridges at several intervals along its height. 

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