Saturday, 4 June 2016

Penang Sentral Proposal

Latest computer rendering of the upcoming Penang Sentral project has surfaced recently on the internet and although the design looks plainer than the original bold proposal, it still manage to create a modern and chic atmosphere especially for mainland Penang which is lack of good architectural design.

This project will no doubt revitalize Butterworth which has long fallen into the shadow of George Town in terms of economic and tourism significance.

It is touted to be a new centre of connectivity given that it will be a new hub for integrated transportation, integrating rail, ferry and bus services. 

Penang sentral is designed to be the getaway to the Northern Corridor of Malaysia. Serving as the centre of transportation for Penang and the northern corridor, the hub also integrates retail, commercial and residential development within the planned 6 million square feet of development.

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