Monday, 19 November 2012

Digital Media City

Digital Media City designed by SOM, located in north of the Han River, Seol, Korea. When completed in 2014, it will be the tallest tower in East Asia with a height of 640m.

Digital Media City Main Perspective

Digital Media City Rendering In Dawn

Digital Media City Silhouette

The elegant curve that rises up from ground all the way to the top gives the tower its distinctive form. It loudly announces its arrival to this city that is already overcrowded with skyscrapers. This will be the trend of future tall buildings around the world where form takes precedent over function. The modernist's ideology of Form Follows Function will gradually be overtaken by big corporations' aspiration to stand taller above everybody else. It is a matter of ego overpowers practicality and this will be an inevitable phenomenon for many years to come.

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