Friday, 19 July 2013

Twisted Tower

Aedas has won the competition to design one of the towers for the Xuhui Binjian Media City in Shanghai. The block that they will be involved in is 188S-G-1 Tower & Podium site. 

This seemingly dynamic, flamboyant and vibrant form derived from a very simple rectangular floor plan at its base which allow for pedestrian circulation around it. In responding to the local building code setback from the nearby subway line, Aedas gradually warps the western wall of the tower away from the setback while the northern wall is twisted to the east to make available a fascinating view of the remaining area of the site. Most of the rest of the entire site will be occupied by DreamWorks Animation. 

The three color pixels of a media display inspired the design of the tower's glazing pattern. The faceted window patterns will reflect daylight and turn the entire tower into a vertical diamond mimicking the shimmering nature of a media screen. Several types of curtain wall details were developed to keep construction cost and fabrication time as low as possible.


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