Friday, 9 August 2013

UB+ Residence

Rising above the heritage zone of George Town is the proposed UB+ Residence at Magazine Road, Penang. The architecture is clearly influenced by Ole Scheeren's MahaNakhon in Bangkok which we have covered in the previous post. It is a much watered down version of it with less height and subdued architectural features. However, when placed against the historic architecture of George Town, this building stands out in stark contrast to its 2-storey high heritage buildings. To reduce the imposing nature of its huge podium, the street facing facade is carved out to create a high volume entrance with vertical landscaping along one of its pillars. Landscaping can also be seen in the upper-storey of the podium with signboards placed in a staggered formation to create a vibrant and energetic street front. Perforated screen is proposed on the upper part of the podium to further break down its massing.

When built, its gleaming faceted glass facade will reflect the surrounding heritage buildings into fragmented images of George Town. 

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