Friday, 14 March 2014

Urban Forest Skyscraper

Today's advance technology has given rise to mind-boggling architecture that is unthinkable just 20 years ago. One of the most dramatic proposal in recent years comes from MAD Architects of Beijing with their design for the ‘Urban Forest‘. The proposal is for a commercial high-rise building in Chongqing city centre, China. The off-centred stacked floor design was inspired by the mountainous landscapes of China. The 70 floor building rises above the urban clutter surrounding it with vertical landscaping all around its fluid facade.

The fascination of this building does not stop in its unprecedented facade but is evident in its interior spatial design as well. Floor-to-ceiling glass windows cover each floor to allow maximum light exposure into the internal spaces. Each Levels are distinctly unique with multilayer sky gardens, floating patios and well-lit nesting spaces, providing various experiences for all who use it. Perhaps MAD's design statement summarizes the uniqueness of this building  succinctly, “The Urban Forest will not be a piece of mediocre urban machinery, but an artificial organ that lives and breathes new life in the steel-and-concrete-filled city center.” 

Urban Forest was inspired by the Chinese landscape.
Sky courts and gardens scattered throughout the skyscraper.
Urban Forest engages with activities on the street.

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